The NEAM was established in 1946 by a group of Minnesota Elkhound owners who
pledged to work to improve, protect, and enhance the best qualities of the Norsk
Elghund, the National Dog of Norway. Today, sixty three years later, the NEAM is the
oldest established regional club devoted to the interests of Norwegian Elkhounds and
their owners. We encourage people who love the breed, whether they own Elkhounds
or not, to join us in continuing the work of the NEAM and to meet other friendly folk who
enjoy their dogs and the activities associated with the club’s mission.

The NEAM Mission
  • To provide information about Norwegian Elkhounds to the public, to Elkhoundowners and the public about the breed history and characteristics, responsible dog ownership, and legislative issues affecting dog owners.
  • To sponsor annually a specialty show weekend with competition for obedience and conformation exhibitors where Elkhound owners come from far and wide and often judges are invited from Norway to evaluate the dogs. An annual agility weekend sponsored by NEAM draws entries from many breeds.
  • To support the work of veterinary researchers seeking to improve the health and welfare of our dogs and to encourage breeders to utilize medical and genetic information to ensure the health and stability of the dogs we breed.
  • To assist new Elkhound owners with access to good care, training and managementpractices information to ensure that every Elkhound and its family are asuccess story.

Contact NEAM
For breed information, club information, breeder referrals, training and care help,
contact us by email:
President: Carol Slattery
Secretary: Karen Elvin

NEAM's first obedience trial - 1992.
Don Rotier, Alice Hoak, Carol Slattery, Pat Norgren, Dawn Drier, Harry Beggs

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